What is Martial Arts Bootcamp

As Martial Arts competitions are divided into weight class, weight reduction is an important part of an athletes preparation. Combining exercises to develop cardio endurance, speed, agility, and reaction timing, the athletes enter the ring in the best shape of their lives.

Now, the Martial Arts Bootcamp can do the same for everyone. Training like an athlete, but without the need for sparing, participants at the Martial Arts Bootcamp sculpt their body into fighting fitness, losing weight, toning up, but more importantly having fun at the same time.


A Great way to get and stay in shape

In the Martial Arts Bootcamp you use a combination of body weight exercises, light weights, and martial arts techniques to help you shed the pounds in a specially designed training program. The Martial Arts Bootcamp is open to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up or simply have a great work out.

Using timed training methods rather than repetitions, you will be free to move at your own pace, but unlike some training programs you’ll have the whole fitness team there with you to help you stay focused, stay motivated and stay committed to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.


Details, Where and When

The Martial Arts Bootcamp is organised on a term basis:

  • Wear loose clothing
  • Bring water and a towel.
  • Everyone is welcome to try out the Bootcamp

  • Open to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up or simply have a great work out!

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    For further information call Damien Gormley on 087 295 1006