What is Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cubs is the original children’s martial arts class in County Mayo for 8 years of age and under. Beginning in 1998 as Kids Karate, the concept was further developed to include Point Kickboxing in 2010.

Learning through play, children can begin their Tiger Cubs class from age 3, where they learn about the basics of either Karate or Point Kickboxing, under the supervision of the instructors and assistant instructors at White Tiger Martial Arts.


A Brief History

Designed in conjunction with medical professionals specialising in the care and education of children, the children training in the Tiger Cubs classes are taught to understand awareness (stranger danger), self discipline, and confidence, the class includes games designed to develop agility, balance and co-ordination, memory recall and pattern recognition.

The children progress from either the basis of Karate or the basis of Point Kickboxing into the more advanced classes, when they are ready.

These classes are about having safe fun, in a positive and enjoyable environment, while getting a head start in martial arts.


Details, Where and When

Tiger Cubs classes at White Tiger Martial Arts:

  • Children train in their bare feet, and should wear loose comfortable clothing
  • They will need to bring a drink with them
  • New classes now available in Newport, Co. Mayo - Please contact Tom on 087 945 5084

  • Beginners do not need to buy any particular equipment to get started, but they must be prepared for massive amounts of fun!

    For further information call Michael O'Neill (Karate) on 087 804 6896 or Damien Gormley (Kickboxing) on 087 295 1006