What is Point Kickboxing

Point Kickboxing is a modern interpretation of Karate Point Fighting. Originally when Karate was brought from Okinawa to Japan mainland in the early 1900’s, there was no competitive format.

After a time, free sparring using limited safety equipment was developed based on the tactics and scoring system of another of Japans Martial Arts disciplines, Kendo (the way of the sword).

Later still, with further research and development, the safety equipment used was added to and improved, until eventually Point Kickboxing developed as a discipline in its own right.


Develop Speed, Timing and Reflexes

Based on the concept of ‘first strike’, and combined with time limited rounds, Point Kickboxing is a game of strategy, speed, timing, and reflexes. Participants, wearing foot protectors, shin guards, groin guards, chest guard (for ladies), gum shields, gloves and a head guard try to make contact with particular scoring zones on their opponent, with a controlled kick or strike without being blocked or struck by their opponent first.

When contact is made, the match is temporarily suspended, and based on the opinion of the judges, whichever competitor made the first contact is awarded an appropriate score for the technique. The match then resumes until the time limit has been reached.

Proving popular throughout the world, Point Kickboxing (along with the other Kickboxing disciplines) is a recognised discipline of Sport Accord, the world governing body of sport.

In Ireland, Point Kickboxing is regulated by Kickboxing Ireland, of which the Point Kickboxing group at White Tiger Martial Arts is a full member.


Details, Where and When

Point Kickboxing classes at White Tiger Martial Arts:

  • Beginners are welcome any time, and they should wear loose comfortable clothing.
  • Training is done bare footed, and participants should bring water and a towel to their training sessions.
  • New classes now available in Newport, Co. Mayo - Please contact Tom on 087 945 5084

  • You don’t need to buy any special equipment to get started in Point Kickboxing,
    just turn up and have a go!

    For further information call Damien Gormley on 087 295 1006 / Tom Fitzgerald 087 945 5084 (Newport)